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What's so great about fixed spreads?

Why is trading on fixed spreads better than variable spreads?  Let’s consider a different question: how many times have we seen something advertised at a price ‘from’ only to find that it isn’t available at the price quoted? Whether it’s a laptop or a holiday, the headline price is there to lure us in, and only a few will be lucky enough to get the price offered.

Now we aren’t saying that the variable spreads our competitors advertise aren’t available at certain times in the day, because they are. But these low charges are only available when the markets are quiet, when prices are hardly moving, and volatility is low. 

What happens when volatility picks up?

When volatility picks up, suddenly those ‘spreads from’ are very different from the headline figure, and you will find yourself paying a lot more to enter or exit a trade. This can make a considerable difference to your profitability as a trader.

A winning trade can quickly become a loser when you’re having to pay so much more to the provider. Imagine having to pay five times as much to close a trade as you did to open it? Why put up with this uncertainty when you can know in advance what your spreads will be at all times with Trade Nation?

Trading on fixed spreads with Trade Nation

The charges that you pay to trade with us are fixed during each trading session and we proudly advertise these on our website and trading platform. The spread in the underlying market could quadruple without warning, but what we charge our customers is fixed.   

Please, don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to challenge us on this and compare our charges with those of our competitors. Take a look at the difference when, for instance, the US releases its Non-Farm Payroll numbers, a central bank updates its interest rate, the EU publishes key economic data or there’s an unexpected geopolitical event. And it’s not just when these key events happen that our competition like to increase their charges. It also happens when markets open and approach the close. 

At Trade Nation we’re committed to offering a better way to trade financial markets with greater transparency. That’s why all our markets have fixed spreads. You know exactly how much you’ll pay to enter and exit a trade, irrespective of what’s happening in the world and how volatile the markets are.

So why are fixed spreads so great? Because they provide certainty when markets are at their most uncertain and volatile.

Financial spread trading comes with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how spread trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.