Why spread bet with us?

If you choose to trade on TN Trader, our proprietary platform, you can gain access to some of the lowest cost fixed-spreads around, on the markets you most want to trade.

With zero commission and no hidden charges to worry about, you’re free to trade your favourite markets and keep a lid on fees.

Low cost spread betting

Alongside our variable spreads, we offer some of the narrowest fixed-spreads around. Fixed-spreads stay constant most of the time, despite changing market conditions.

CFD trading

There are several good reasons experienced traders choose us for CFDs. First, by short selling CFD stock indices, you can hedge a stock portfolio and efficiently protect against falling prices. Second, CFD trading is fully leveraged, so you only need a small amount of the total trade value to get started. Third, with us, you can access well over a thousand markets from a single account

Negative balance protection

As further protection, should your trading account fall into arrears, we will automatically bring the balance up to zero the next working day*. This prevents you from losing more money than is actually in your account at any given time.

*Sorry, we can’t do this for Professional traders.

Our Banking

When you spread bet with us, you can be confident that your money is safe. Not only are we regulated by the FCA (we have been since 2014) and covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, but all customer funds are held in segregated UK bank accounts. We will never mix our own money with yours.

Professional Accounts

We offer Professional Accounts to those customers who meet the criteria set our by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. Professional customers are able to gain access to higher leverage, although, some of the protections provided under a retail customer status are lost. If you would like some more information about our professional customer service, please contact our UK support team at this email address: or give us a call on +44 (0) 203 180 5952

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