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Trade Nation Loyalty Scheme

Our Loyalty Scheme is like no other. You earn Points every time you trade. This could help you build a cash rebate of up to 20% of your trading costs.

As soon as you open a trading account with us, we’ll automatically enrol you in our Loyalty Scheme. This rewards you every time you trade. Not only that, but we’ll credit you with 200 Points to say ‘thank you’ for joining us here at Trade Nation.

It really is the most generous loyalty scheme around!

How it works

Every time you trade, you’ll earn Points – 1 Point for every US $1 you trade.

At the end of the calendar month, your Points will be added up and the total helps determine how much you’ll receive as a rebate on the following month’s trades. This could lead to a cash rebate of up to US $2,500 every month!

Unlike some other providers we don’t have any complicated release criteria. You can keep any cash rebate in your account to trade again or withdraw it.

Here’s an example

Let’s look at our popular Wall Street 30 market where our dealing spread is 1 point.

You choose to make a US $10 per point trade in this market. This would generate US $5 of spread on the opening of the trade and another US $5 on the closing trade.

So, by opening and closing this trade, you would earn 10 Points.

Rebate Ladder

Your total points for the month determine the rebate you'll receive the following month, according to our rebate ladder:

A working example

The following example will show you how you can benefit from consistent trading with us:

A new trader joins Trade Nation on the 1st of the month with an account based in US dollars. We will credit the new trader's account with 200 Points to say “hello”. Then, let’s say that during this month they earn 550 Points from trading.

At the end of the month, the trader will have 750 Points. So, referring to the Rebate Ladder, we can see that this gives them a rebate level of 5%.

So, 750 points x 5% = $37.50 applied straight into their account after the end the month.

At the end of the month, the points balance resets to zero and you can earn a rebate for every month going forward.

Please note, the Loyalty Scheme is only available to non-FCA and non-ASIC Trade Nation customers.

Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions

Financial spread trading comes with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how spread trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.