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Meet Max Whitlock, OBE

We are extremely excited to welcome gymnast and Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock to our group of inspirational Trade Nation ambassadors. Max has given everything to his sport since he was just seven years old and is now the greatest gymnast in British history. We couldn’t be happier to have formed a partnership with someone who so strongly embodies the merits of hard work and dedication.

“There are no secrets or cheats. Hard work and dedication are how you achieve anything in life.”



We’re delighted to welcome you as a Trade Nation ambassador, Max. What made you interested in this partnership?

  • Max: I’m really happy to be an ambassador for Trade Nation. It’s great to be partnering with a reputable brand and trading is a massive interest of mine. This is something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now and I’m really keen to learn as much about trading as I possibly can.

What is it about trading that has made you so keen to get involved?

  • Max: Trading means weighing up risk and reward and I find that very exciting, especially when you think about how this overlaps with what I do as a gymnast and athlete. I try to go out of all competitions with a 'bang', and sometimes I take risks – and sometimes that pays off. It’s important not to dwell on the mistakes when things don’t work out. Successes and failures are all part of the journey.

Here at Trade Nation, we believe trading is a journey and our mantra is ‘no shortcuts to success’. What does this mean to you?

  • Max: That’s why I’m so pleased with this partnership! Remembering that there are no shortcuts to success is absolutely key, particularly as an athlete. There’s no quick way, there’s no secret, there’s no cheat. Hard work and dedication are how you achieve anything in life.

Striving to become the best at anything will always come with its ups and downs. How do you deal with your mistakes?

  • Max: My main motivation is to keep improving and become the best gymnast I can be. Mistakes are going to happen because we’re only human and you can’t expect everything to be flawless. More importantly, they provide huge opportunities to learn. The mistakes I’ve made throughout my career are the reasons I’ve achieved the results I have today.

Learning to trade requires consistent focus and commitment. Do you have any tips for our traders?

  • Max: I’ve put in a lot of hard work to get to the level I’m at today. The reason I’m so self-disciplined, motivated and driven is because I have targets. Deciding what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it is a big game-changer and really helps you remain focused and stay on the right path. Have a plan, set goals, and you’ll reach these much faster than you could ever imagine.


“My main motivation is to keep improving and become the best that I can be.”

“It’s important not to dwell on mistakes. These are opportunities to learn and make your successes even more rewarding.”

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No shortcuts to success

This is the mantra connecting Trade Nation to its inspiring bunch of brand ambassadors. We believe traders can learn a lot from this mentality as they embark on their own journeys to success. For a cost-effective trading platform, a range of educational resources, and an excellent customer service team, become part of the Trade Nation community and see what you can achieve.


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