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Transaction Costs

Do you really know what costs and restrictions are on your trading account? We think it’s time for you to take another look.

Hidden transaction costs are hurting traders

Every trader is spurred on by the thought of maximising their potential profit, but little do they know that their activities are being impacted by the hidden transaction costs on their accounts. You may be one of the many who don’t fully understand the trading charges they pay regularly.

Unfortunately, plenty of trading companies are happy to leave their customers in the dark when it comes to the finer details. And the only way you’ll know the score is by taking another look at what exactly you signed up for.

Traders deserve transparent transaction costs

Whether it’s restrictions on the money you can take out or secret trading charges, sadly there is a long list of unfair practices brokers implement at the expense of the trader. These are often buried deep within the company websites. But why should such important information be so hard to find?

The Trade Nation approach to transaction costs

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we are committed to giving every one of our customers the fullest and fairest trading experience possible. This means being open and honest about everything being part of our community involves, especially our charges. We’ll make sure you’re aware of all the obvious fees as well as the ones normally hidden by other trading platforms.

On top of this, we also aim to make it as easy as possible to find the information that matters. As well as a trading calculator to help you get to grips with transaction costs, we also provide a selection of resources that will teach you everything you need to know about how trading platforms operate, and what you as a trader need to consider.

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