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Why Traders are choosing Trade Nation

We're on a mission to change the trading experience and how the world views and trades the financial markets. You deserve better.

Alternative Data

Wouldn’t it be great to try and get ahead of the markets? At Trade Nation we provide you with insights and data that allow you to think differently.

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Challenging Trading Norms

Trading companies have dictated the market for far too long, often at the expense of the trader. We’re on a mission to challenge norms and transform the trading experience for the better.

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Take Another Look

We’re all about fairness here at Trade Nation, which is why we encourage you to take another look and make sure you understand the transaction costs on your trading account.

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Our Journey To Fairness

We’re relentlessly working to become the fairest trading company we can be. Find out about all the steps we’re taking to improve our services with your needs in mind.

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Trading Success Stories & Insights

Don’t be misled by fabricated trading tales and titbits. We’re busting the myths by sharing real-life trading success stories and insights from within the Trade Nation community.

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Jargon Buster

Fed up of confusing trading jargon? Let’s keep it simple. We break down the things you really need to know, ensuring you’ll always feel confident when you encounter key trading terms.

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Certainty Over Costs

Our trading costs are fixed. You can have complete confidence that our charges won’t rise when markets get volatile. You know exactly how much you’ll pay to enter and exit a trade.

Social Proof

What we say about ourselves doesn’t matter. It’s what our customers say about us which counts. If you’re still thinking about joining Trade Nation, click here to see what others are saying.

Our Community

Like you, we are genuinely excited by financial markets. But trading by yourself can be a lonely road to travel. That’s why we’re building the Trade Nation community to help us all connect and exchange views and ideas.

Benefits to you

Our trading platform is easy to use, and our Customer Success team are always just a phone call away, ready to answer your questions and help build your market knowledge.

How we compare

We believe in leading and not following what others do in the market. To us, comparisons are based upon what our customers think and can’t be summed up in a graph or table. If you appreciate incredible service, transparent costs and a simple to use platform, we’d love you to put your trust in us.

Our commitment to you

The Trade Nation charter is our commitment to you based on our values of transparency and absolute fairness. We want to bring light to an industry that for so long has operated in the dark and treated some traders very badly. We believe that needed to change. Our charter is how you can hold us to account.

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Join Trade Nation

It’s quick and easy to become a member of the Trade Nation community. All you need to do is sign up and verify yourself. You don’t even have to start trading if you don’t want to – we have plenty of things to read and discover.

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