Market Information

Market Information Sheet

Explore all the instruments we have to offer with a detailed breakdown when trading them on TN Trader and MetaTrader 4.

Market holidays, expiries, dividend projections and daylight savings times

Find all of our market information that could impact the way you trade. 

Market Holidays

A market holiday refers to when markets close for the day, part of a day, or there's a change in trading hours. Stay up to date with upcoming market holidays using our table below. Please note that these are subject to change. To confirm market trading hours, please click on the 'Market Information' button for a particular market on the Trading platform.

Please note, all times shown are GMT +1.

Market expiries

The expiration date on our futures contracts is when open positions are automatically closed. To roll over an existing position, contact our Customer Success team in advance of the relevant expiry. Stay up to date with market expiries using our table below. Dates and times are subject to change, so please check using the 'Market Information' button on the Trading platform.

Please note, all times shown are GMT +1.

Dividend Projections

The shares of companies that make up an index sometimes pay dividends. When this happens, the overall value of the index is affected, which can cause the price to fall.

All figures in the table below represent the estimated reduction in the price of an index given dividends that week.

Please be aware that the announcement of these dividend adjustments are scheduled events, and leveraged index traders can’t profit or lose from these price movements.

Information is displayed for ex-dates. Adjustment is made the night before.

Please note, amounts are subject to change and are for indication purposes only.