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Trading signals alert you to trading opportunities on financial markets. Trading signals are created using technical analysis which employs historical price movements and chart patterns. This is quite different from fundamental analysis which considers geopolitical events, economic data releases and, in the case of individual stocks, such factors as company balance sheets and price/earnings ratios.

Trading signals provided by Signal Centre

The theory behind technical analysis and trading signals is that historical price movements and their related chart patterns can give insights into how prices may move in the future. 

We want our traders to benefit from trustworthy insights courtesy of the very best minds in the trading world. Consequently, we have partnered with Signal Centre, the only signals provider that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Signal Centre is an award-winning trading signals provider which applies technical analysis to a range of stock indices, currencies and commodities. You can be confident that the experts generating your trade signals are professional, unbiased, and conform to the FCA’s strict criteria.

The platform never shares vague, confusing or misleading suggestions as every trading signal is supported by a detailed explanation unpicking the rationale behind the idea. As well as offering complete transparency, this will also help you develop a better understanding of such analysis which can in turn help you improve as a trader.

Please note, signals can provide guidance but are not trading advice. You must remain aware of the risks of placing your trade, which may include losses.

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