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We want you to succeed on our platform. To be the best you possibly can. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than you simply knocking it out of the park.  We’ve pulled together some must-know info and power-packed resources to help you trade like a pro. Whether you’re an old-hand or a first-timer, take a look and see how we can help improve your trading game.

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Spread trades

We offer spread trading on our proprietary platform. Our spreads are amongst the lowest available. Not only that, but spreads on some of our most popular markets are held static during set periods through the day. This means you’ll always know what the spread is at any given time. Just as importantly, our fixed-cost spreads won’t suddenly increase just because markets get volatile. We provide easy access to well over 1,000 markets, covering all of the world’s major stock indices, Forex pairs, key commodities, individual equities and bonds.

Contracts for Differences 

Some traders prefer Contracts for Differences (CFDs) to spread betting. CFDs are available through our MetaTrader 4 (MT4) offering. A CFD account gives you access to over a thousand financial instruments. These are traded on margin which means that you are employing leverage. This gives the opportunity to sell short and attempt to profit from a falling market just as easily as going long to speculate on a market rising. In addition, the MT4 platform is well known for its comprehensive charting package, which includes an extensive range of drawing tools and technical indicators.

Market analysis

There are two forms of market analysis, fundamental and technical. Broadly speaking, the former focuses on how markets react to events, such as the release of economic data, changes in interest rates, or geopolitics. You can keep abreast of these via our bespoke real-time newsfeed.

Technical analysis involves the study of charts plus the application of drawing tools, such as trend lines and Fibonacci Retracement, overlaid by technical studies like the MACD and RSI. Our charts are clear and fully customisable, with a comprehensive suite of drawing tools and technical indicators. 

Signal centre

In addition to any technical analysis you may carry out yourself, we also give you direct access to one of the best and most reliable sources of trading signals around. Signal Centre is a leading, award-winning trading signals resource, delivering technical analysis on a wide range of stock indices, currency pairs  and commodities. 

Of all the trading signal providers out there, only Signal Centre is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). So you can be confident that the experts are professional, unbiased, and conform to the FCA’s strict regulatory criteria. 

Every trading signal is supported by a detailed explanation, giving you total transparency on the logic behind the idea. This also helps hone your understanding of the types of analysis that is the lifeblood of successful traders. Of course, all trading carries risk and data is available on the Signal Centre website to show past performance.  

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