Partner FAQs


What is the Trade Nation Partners programme?

Created for digital marketing agencies, introducers and affiliates. The Trade Nation Partner programme is designed to reward partners who refer clients to us.

Why Trade Nation Partners?

Our goal is to work with you to help grow your business and exceed your revenue goals. We offer a wide range of marketing tools and have a dedicated support team to ensure the best outcomes for your customers. Additionally, every partner is allocated an experienced Account Manager to cater for your needs throughout the day.

How is Trade Nation different to other brokers?

Our commitment to a client-first approach. Our experienced management team have witnessed an industry that has largely neglected clients and partners. We have set our stall out to be the exception.

How can I get paid for referring business?

We offer several commission options for Partners including spread share, revenue share and cost per acquisition (CPA) across multi-level tiers.

How can I receive payment?

Partners can choose to be paid via bank transfer, crypto transfer or directly into their trading account.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password at any time by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ on the Admin login page.

How can I get in touch with Trade Nation?

Contact your Account Manager directly or email us at partners


How do I sign up?

Simply complete an online application here. Our expert team will contact you should we require any further information.

How long does it take to sign up?

An online application takes a few minutes to complete. Provided we have all of the supporting documentation at hand, it should take no longer than a day or two to be fully processed.

What documents/information do I need to sign up?

An individual partnership application would need to be accompanied with photo ID and proof of address. Corporate applications will require additional documents. At this time we will ask you to provide your payment information to receive your commissions.

What happens if I haven’t provided my payment information yet?

You will earn commission from clients that you refer, however you won't be able to withdraw or transfer those commissions out of your Partner account.

Promoting Trade Nation

How much can I earn?

We offer some of the most competitive commissions and CPAs in the industry. Additionally, we offer very flexible structures that will allow you to maximise your revenue.

What marketing tools do you provide?

We offer a suite of digital marketing tools including banners and emails, and can tailor bespoke assets to your business. Contact us to find out more.

Can I promote Trade Nation in any country?

For a list of permitted countries from where you can introduce clients, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

Can I earn commission by referring a partner or Sub IB?

Our multi-tier affiliate solution allows you to earn revenue by introducing other Introducers. Contact your Account Manager to find out more.

Tracking and reporting

Where can I monitor my client’s activity?

All partners have access to a bespoke portal which provides access to vital performance metrics as well as commissions and rebates payable.

How can I track my commissions?

The Partner portal will allow you to view a dashboard showing all of your vital statistics including commissions/earnings to date.

What is a referral ID?

A referral ID is a unique code that our system uses to link a client to a partner.

What is a referral link?

A referral link is a hyper link with the referral ID embedded within it to automatically track the progress of a new application. The application is tagged to the referring Partner.


Which payment methods do you offer clients?

We offer many popular payment methods to suit your clients. Where available we support local payment solutions, as well as bank transfers, card and crypto payments. If you are unsure or have any particular payment requests, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

When are my commission payments processed?

We process partner payments monthly.

Is there a minimum commission payment?

There is a minimum of $100. Amounts under this level will be rolled to the following month.

Why didn't I get paid?

In the unlikely event that you were expecting a payment and it has not appeared, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

How do I change my payment information?

Log into your Partner CRM Portal, click on account details then payment details. From here you can view the details we currently hold and ask us to update your information should you wish to.

Are my clients funds safe?

When your clients trade with us, you can be confident that their money is safe. We are regulated across five jurisdictions including the FCA and ASIC. Customer funds are held securely in segregated accounts and we will never mix client money with our own.

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